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Smoke is deployed when a more obvious effect is required. No rock and roll gig, festival or launch event is complete without a smoke machine. Ideal for rock concert gig, festival or launch events.

Low Fog

Features dense cold fog that gently flow over objects/set pieces. Can create sensation of walking on the clouds and also creepy effects for stage acts. Can also create creepy effects for stage performance. Mounted high it creates a fog curtain or waterfall.

Our fog machine produces a massive amount of low lying fog in continuous flow, odorless and leaving no humidity and with minimum operation costs. Ideal for indoor shows such as stage performance, theatrical drama and dance scenes


Produce an unobtrusive, homogeneous clouds suspended in the air . Can fill a venue with haze without creating an overtly distracting cloud. Depending on a venue's or location's ventilation, this haze can stay in the air longer for hours as compared to conventional theatrical fog. Haze will bring lighting and laser show to life as the beams are highlighted. Haze effects add atmosphere to the most bland of rooms. Ideal for concerts, dinner and dance, launch event and festival etc.

Speak to our team on any more information on atmospheric effects.