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Laser Shows

Laser shows are very versatile and scalable, and can be customised to suit any outdoor/indoor events like weddings, product launches, countdowns, D&D, disco scenes, concerts etc. We constantly invest in high technology gadget to bring you the best multi-colored laser systems available with the latest effects in the world.

Our Service

Our hire service includes
  • Site survey/recce
  • Planning and choreography of laser show with music or integrating with live performances
  • Laserists to handle the laser equipment and the show
  • Demonstration of the laser show prior to the actual event
We also accept adhoc service requests such as frame creation of graphic and storyboard/beam choreography.

Use of Lasers Application

When used with smoke effects and pyrotechnics, lasers can really add a whole new dimension to your event.
  • Laser Advertisement
  • Sky Beam
  • Ambience Beams
  • Graphical Storyboard Animation
  • Laser Outline Mapping
Ideal for product launches, openings, ceremonies, gala event, anniversary, music concerts, festivals, marathons etc

Please contact us if you would like any more information on laser shows.