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Nope, we do not sell fireworks here.
In Singapore, you can't buy firework from anywhere unless you represent a licensed pyrotechnic company in Singapore. However, if you are looking for a specialised team to handle your pyrotechnic project, you have come to the right place. We are one of the few pyro-companies in Singapore with more than a decade's experience in this industry.

But before you approach us, here's some pointers to ponder on first:
  1. Is your event among the list of approved events for firework display in Singapore. No restriction if the event is held overseas.

  2. What is your intended duration for your firework show? Any music to go along with? We have an awesome range of thematic music to go with your theme

  3. What scale of fireworks is expected for your event? Mid Level (link explain mid level) or Pyrotechnics (link explain )or mixed?

  4. Does your venue hold a suitable ample space for placement of the explosive material?

  5. When is your event? Plan your event in advance!

Our Service

To start your pyrotechnic project correctly, contact us for a free planning, consultation and a safety inspection of your location. You will also receive a free, no-obligation fireworks display quote.

Once you have engaged us as your pyrotechnic provider, you will recieve a fantastic firework entertainment package comprises of:
  • A dedicated team of pyrotechnicians specialists.
  • Consultancy and choreography for the entire pyrotechnics/firework display.
  • Application of neccessary permit and clearance from the relevant authorities
  • Provision of pyrotechnics items and loan of firing systems
  • Insurance coverage for third party liability and damage to property.

We are committed to serve our clients with the highest degree professionalism for every show, regardless of the magnitude of the event. We work within our client requirement, schedule and budget and we give our full service beginning from the concept and design to clean-up. We provide reasonable cost estimates promptly, concise proposal plan, dedicated staffs who take charge of site coordination, safety and permits.

Risk Assessment

We are a BizSafe 3-certified organisation and all our staffs underwent vigourous safety training courses and strictly abide by our safety SOP for work processes. We conduct regular safety survey to improve our process and we offer comprehensive risk assessment for major shows.

Our Pyrotechnics Equipment

We use state-of-the-art Computerized Firing System (FireOne Firing System) to assist in creation of pyro-musical displays and achieve substantial timesavings and cost, making the displays affordable for our clients, Our expensive system synchronises the firing effects with high precise control to the rhythms of the music for the show. It is capable of firing multiple firing modules and mulitple cues completely simultaneously, thus allowing the complexity and the intricacy of the show. We ensure our equipment are always in the tip top conditions for qualify assurance and safety.

Fireworks Categories

High Level Fireworks

In Singapore, high level fireworks are used in public events organised at a national level such as National Day Parade, New Year countdown at Marina Bay, Singapore River Hong Bao etc. Generally this class of firework devices can reach to the impressive height of 220 m with big radius bursts

Mid Level Fireworks

This is the most commonly used fireworks for public and private events in Singapore. This class of firework devices perform no more than 60 m from the ground level and delivers yet impressive visual treats and excitement to the audience.

Indoor/Stage Pyrotechnics

Generally used for stage effects, movies, TV effects, and for military use and battle re-enactments. It is also popular to be used in the ballrooms for wedding, D&D and product launches. Our fireworks effects were specifically designed for indoor shows with close proximity to the audience, taking into consideration for the safety, reliability and design.

Wheels & Set Pieces

Wheels are fireworks that revolve. Set pieces do not revolve but instead produce a static display of fountains or coloured flairs. You can customise images and message for the set pieces. These ranges of pyrotechnics are often accompanied by low level or mid level firework for a more spectacular effect.

Bringing Fireworks Overseas?

Till date, we have involved in overseas firework projects in countries such as Japan, Korea, France, Italy, Philiphines and Macau etc. We have performed countless fireworks displays in other countries and ocassionally partnered with overseas firework display companies. We take charge of the freight and logistic aspect of work If you do wish to bring your firework shows to overseas, we offer customised fuss-free package. Contact us to find out more.

Fireworks Simulation Services

We also offer photo-realistic 3D firework simulations for big shows. Using the most advanced choreography software, we are able to incorporate 3D models of the surrounding to produce photo-realistic simulations of the shows for your view. Synchronisation with music can be achieved with high accuracy. Charges apply.

Pyrotechnics Firing System Rental

Want to do firework shows on your own? (Provided you are a licensed pyrotechnician in Singapore). We do offer a package of digital pyrotechnic firing system for rental. Contact us to find out more. The pyrotechnic firing system that offers manual, automatic and computer firing in one panel. Pyromusical time code, Digital wireless options, and compatibility with analog and digital modules make it the most versatile and advanced firing system on the market.