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Adding A Touch of Magic to Events


Bubble Effects

Add whimsical fun to your parties or events. Suitable for indoor and outdoor.

Our professional grade bubble machines can produce a high volume of bubbles very quickly. The bubble fluid we use creates better quality bubbles and also leaves less residue when the bubbles pop, resulting in a less slippery floor. Supplied with fluid, operation is via a simple on off switch or remote socket

We also have U.V bubble fluid which the bubbles reflect the UV light and glow creating a cosmic atmosphere. Very popular for night club/scene as the crowd can see them. They will come out the machine as a purple / blue colour if you are using the U.V Bubble Fluid.

Snow Effects

We can provide incredible, realistic, falling snow effects indoors & outdoors, in shopping malls, hotels, exhibiton halls etc. Our fluid based machines can create hundreds of small snow flakes every minute. Can create both romantic snow and astonishing blizzard effects. All our effects are non-toxic, non staining, fireproof and environmentally friendly. Our package comes complete with fluid and snow output control and an operator. We do have dry hire available also. Hire a stand with this machine to get it nice and high for the best effect.

Please contact us if you would like any more information on snow and bubble effects.