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Exploding Balloon Wall

Create a stunning reveal with fantastic impact for your event. Each balloon of the wall has a small fuse attached and on cue; the music builds in intensity as the balloons explodes instantly into thin air with the crackling sound akin firecrackers, revealing the hidden object or person behind. Ideal for shop openings, product launches, artwork / backdrop reveal etc.

Exploding Giant Balloons

You can be sure that the giant 3ft balloons can kickstart your event with a bang. Meticulously filled with lots of smaller balloons and lots of colourful flutter confetti, they are then suspended over the event space ready and waiting to be "exploded" at the right time. If there are multiple giant balloons used, we can rig them to explode at once or to set them up to fire at various interval.

Balloon Drop

Balloon drops are a great way to finish or add more excitment to your event. We specialise in balloon drop installation large or small. We have never failed to rig a drop anywhere - no matter how low or high the ceiling area. We can customise the size of our drop nets to fit your venue and all balloons are inflated on-site. We are able to rig the net anywhere no matter how low or high the ceiling area and place the pull string where required. We also make sure the pull string is in a secure area away from the public. Our special method of sealing the open side of the net produces no friction when pulling, which help to ensure the even flow of balloons released from the net.

Ideal for graduation ceremonies, parties and conferences

Advertising Balloons

Giant Advertising Balloons are a simple and highly effective marketing tool that offers your business advertising visibility for miles. We have multiple graphics options - digitally right on the balloon; affixing vinyl letters and logos to the PVC balloon. Just email us a jpeg of your logo or design concept and we can help you execute the optimal solution for your needs. Please allow 4 weeks prior notice for unique design. Come with stainless stand, helium refill and led light options.

Ideal for trade shows, building launces and storefront.

Balloon Decoration

Balloon Arc

You can choose to have 1, 2-3 alternating colors or even rainbow colors for the arc, depending on your theme color. Usually used as an entrance walkway deco or as a backdrop for stage or phototaking ground

Balloon Pillar

You can specify the design of the pillars and its height and choose the topping balloons(Giant Balloon / Mylar Heart / Mylar Star). Used as stage's decoration or placed along the aisle.

Customised Balloons

Helium balloons are available, be it for decoration or to distribution to your guests. Printing of logos and designs on balloons is also available. We can provide bouquets of helium-flled balloons with trailing silver star mylar tied to the ends, to decorate your ballroom for a feel of starry lit night, especially for Christmas parties or Dinner and Dance events. Your guest can take away the balloons with them when the event ends.

Other Balloon Effects Variation

We can come up with creative and daring ways of using balloons and special effects to launch your event, decorate your event space or cater to your needs. Contact us for a non-obligatory consultation now!