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We are dedicated to make our clients happy

Our Service

Here at Effects Technologies, our goal is "Turning Your Concepts Into Reality". Our experienced professionals will provide you with the most advanced and latest in the special effects innovation. We provide the very best in Special Effects, Firework displays, Pyrotecnics, Confetti, Streamers, Snow Machines, Bubble Machines, CO2 Cyro Jets, Professional Installations of special effects equipment, and many more

We are committed to serve our clients with the highest degree professionalism for every show, regardless of the magnitude of the event. We take part in all facets of the pyrotechnic business: from conceptualising to staging of choreographed pyrotechnics performances for both indoor and outdoor shows. We work within our client requirement, schedule and budget and we give our full service beginning from the concept and design to clean-up. We provide reasonable cost estimates promptly, concise proposal plan, dedicated staffs who take charge of site coordination, safety and permits.

Quality Products

We have stringent criteria during the selection of suppliers ensure that our fireworks are of the finest quality. We could use cheaper pyrotechnics and materials but we refuse to do that. The quality of our products contributes to our commitment to safety, reliability and the overall visual performance of the effects.

Quality Equipment

Our firework shows are fired electronically. Not only is this the safest way to perform a display, but it allows us to have precise control over your show. We employ only the best, most reliable, state-of-the-art technology. It provides a significant margin of safety, the exact timing a highly choreographed display requires, and the flexibility to produce a display almost anywhere in the world.