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Special Effects

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  • Fireworks
    • Display Pyrotechnics
    • Mid Level Fireworks
    • High Level Fireworks
    • Setpiece Fireworks
    • Customised Fireworks Effects
  • Laser Effects
    • Laser Story Board
    • Laser Beam Show
    • Laser System Rental
    • Laser System Sale/Installation
  • Confetti
    • Confetti
    • Confetti/Venturi Blower
  • Balloon
    • Balloon Decoration
    • Exploding Balloon Wall
    • Exploding Giant Balloon
    • Balloon Release/Drop
    • Other Balloon Effects
  • Other Stage FX
    • Flames
    • Snow Effects
    • Bubble Effects
    • Smoke Effect
    • Low Fog
    • CO2 Jet Effects
  • Customised Effects
    • Customised Special Effects
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